Aniar Restaurant Contemporary Dining Inspired by the west






The kitchen is lead by chef patron JP McMahon. JP heads up a passionate culinary team committed to the local and the wild in contemporary Irish cooking. His small culinary team are ever attentive to new and exciting foraged elements that come daily to the door of the restaurant.

The tasting menu in Aniar changes daily. Each menu has a specific date and diners can take home the menu of that day. The sample menu below will give diners an indication towards the style and content of the food on offer. In writing his menus, JP keeps both tradition and innovation in mind. He always allowing the local product to speak for itself while ensuring that the other ingredients on the plate all complement each other. Plates consist of three to four food items in wonderful play with each other.

In relation to the tasting menu, we offer our customers an immersive dining experiences of food from the west of Ireland. All of our floor staff have an intimate understanding of our tasting menu. Our tasting menu consists of 6, 8 or 10 courses, with an array of additional snacks. Diners get their own menu to take home with them along with the recipe of our famous brown soda bread with stout and treacle. You can download a sample below.

Jp likes to foster old traditional cooking and preservation methods, such as curing, pickling, smoking and fermenting. His aim is to look back in order to look forward: to the future of Irish food. It is only by understanding our culinary past that we can unlock the untapped resourses of our future. Some of our preserved foods are displayed in the front of the restaurant.

The restaurant is managed by Louise Creane. Our Sommelier is Zsolt Lukács, Zsolt currently holds an intermediate certificate in Wine and Spirits from WSET. He has many years of experience when it comes to the finer side of dining. Zsolt keeps up to date with the both old and new trends in the wine industry. He has a special fondness for natural and biodynamic wines.

Our team in Aniar excel in matching wine and beer from around the world with the many different food stuffs that abound locally. All courses of the tasting menu are matched with individual wines. Alternatively, customers can choose their own bottle of wine with which to enjoy their meal.

The wine list features over 80 wines produced by small artisan wine producers who also take their ‘terroir’ into great consideration. Over 20 wines are available by the glass to allow customers to experience the diversity of wine on a global level.

Proprietors: Drigín Gaffey & JP McMahon
Chef Patron:
JP McMahon
Restaurant Manager: Louise Creane
Zsolt Lukács